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Foxpro 2.6 applications maintenance services

Do you need help fixing, improving, or updating your FoxPro 2.6 application's code?

Yes, we can help!

New Features

New features for your Foxpro 2.6 applications.

Do you need new features for your FoxPro 2.6 application?

Yes, we can help!

Your FoxPro Application in the Cloud

Place your Foxpro 2.6 applications on the cloud.

Do you want to place you FoxPro 2.6 application in the Cloud?

Yes, we can help!

Run FoxPro on any MS Windows OS

Run your Foxpro 2.6 applications on current version of MS Windows

Do you need to run FoxPro 2.6 on MS Windows 32 or 64 bit PCs?

Yes, we can help!

About Us


Helping companies like yours since 1990

Since 1990 we have developed multiple FoxPro 2.6 applications and continue maintaining some of them today.

We have found the way to run them successfully on current version of MS Windows and also install them on public cloud servers (Google Cloud). 

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